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Adobe is a software company that most of us are familiar with. Some of the most famous Ado be products are Adobe Reader, Photoshop, pdfs, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator.

This startup has changed the computing industry in a few ways and all of this came from a backyard garage and a need to fulfill a gap in the fledgling computer industry.

Adobe Startup

Here we will see Adobe’s rise to the top as well as the harrowing story of how one of their co-founders was kidnapped at gunpoint.

It’s interesting so let’s get into it.

Adobe inc was founded in December of 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke.

The two of them founded the company in John’s garage.

Why the name Adobe?

Well, it’s simple. There was a creek by the name of Adobe that ran behind John’s house.

The logo was designed by Marvel Warnick, John’s wife, and a graphic designer.

Adobe Startup

John and Charles established the company after leaving Xerox park.

John tried to convince Xerox’s upper management to commercialize a key printing technology, that John and Charles had developed.

Xerox didn’t budge. So they both left.

Xerox park was the research institute that invented the Graphics User Interface and the desktop computer in modern form.

The foundations of which were used by Steve Jobs to make the Macintosh.


The printing technology that these two had created was something called Postscript.

Even to this day, it’s the graphics industry standard for printers.

Back then postscript was a big deal.

Printers of those days mainly dot matrix printers, were capable of printing some greyscale graphics with rows of pixels.

The problem was everything that was printed had to be fixed to a grid of dots.

This meant that the output was blocky and they struggled with typography.

A major setback for the printer technology.

After some time a newer technology by the name of Laser Printing came along.

Adobe PostScript

The Postscript code became the main driver of these new printers, allowing the average consumer to print detailed images for the first time.

There were no graphic artists on the planet who used the computer.

Here we were bringing out a product that was to help graphic artists and none of them use computers.

Any sensible marketing person would say, there is no market there.

This is the dumbest thing one can do.

We did it anyway.

Over the next 3 years, graphic artists said how much productivity that I am going to get out of using this little computer? It is going to change the way that I work.

Steve Jobs attempted to buy Adobe for 5 million in 1982 but John and Charles refused.

Though their investors urged them to work something out with Jobs, so they agreed to sell him shares worth 19% of the company.

Jobs also paid five times the valuation at the time plus a 5-year licensing fee for Postscript in advance.

This deal made Adobe the first company in the history of Silicon Valley to become profitable in its first year.

In 1985 Apple computer licensed Postscript for use in its Laser writer printers.

This helped spark the desktop publishing revolution.

Before this digital printing technology, publishing was limited to a photo typesetter which was prohibitively expensive in the range of hundreds of dollars.

Xerox made photo-typesetter.

This explains why upper management rejected the original idea of Postscript that all you needed for publishing was a Macintosh publishing.

Adobe Infographic


A LaserWriter printer was nothing short of groundbreaking.

It replaced the Phototype, setting industry in a couple of years, and keep in mind, this was an industry that had been around since the 1950s.

By the mid-80s Adobe was booming and they entered the NASDAQ index in August of 1986.


In 1987 Adobe entered the consumer software market with an illustrator a vector-based drawing program for the Apple Macintosh.

When I just move the eyebrow and move the curves around, you can see that it’s moving on both images and that you can see the preview images.

This is a very neat and powerful feature this is a very neat and powerful feature is a very neat and powerful feature.
It is some sort of getting a Picasso effect in the image.

We can undo any operation with we can undo any operation with Illustrator.

In December of 1991 Adobe released Premiere. An editing software.

It renamed this to premiere Pro in 2003.

Today the software has been used to edit feature films such as Deadpool. It is edited in both Premiere Pro and After Effects.

After Effects was created by a team at the group company of Science and Art in January of 1993.

It was acquired by Adobe in 1994.

Adobe Media

In the new century, it grew its acquisitions at a record pace with its purchase of Cool Edit Pro which is now Adobe Audition.

They advanced in their main rival Macromedia by adding Cold Fusion Flash and much more.

2010 was marked by the continuing back and forth arguments between apple and them between Apple and them, regarding support of Adobe Flash on the iPhone Ipad and other products.

In April of 2010, Steve Jobs published a post regarding flash.

Here he outlined his thoughts on the technology and the rise of HTML5.

He cited that rapid energy consumption, poor performance on mobile devices, abysmal security, and a lack of touch support were reasons to dump flash support.

In the end, Steve Jobs won.

In November of 2011 Adobe announced that they would cease the development of Flash for mobile devices instead they would focus on HTML5.

From 1995 to 2013, it was ranked as an outstanding place to work by 14 surveys.

In October of 2018, they officially changed their name from Adobe systems incorporated to Adobe inc.

In 2019 the company seriously started its push into mobile by releasing Photoshop, Illustrator, and rush for the iPad.
Last year the company made 11 billion USD in revenue dollars and currently has about 20,000 employees.


Adobe has been criticized for its pricing practices with retail prices being up to twice as much in non-us countries.

Adobe’s reader and flash programs were included in a list of the 10 most hated programs of all time by TechRadar.

Many video producers face nonsensical errors from time to time on Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Sometimes it just goes crazy for no reason and you must either laugh or cry after using a lot of different other creative software like Ableton for example.

You just have to wonder why they can’t design their production flow smoothly, where things just make sense without having to dig through illogical menus.

Adobe Creative Cloud was criticized for its serves as well.


Regardless of all illogical menus, there’s no doubt that Adobe software has made a major impact on our lives in one way or another.

From PDFs to Photoshop to video editing and being the first to enter the era of digital desktop publishing.

In 2009 Charles won the 2008 National Medal of Technology and in 2010 both John and Charles received the Marconi Prize.

Marconi Prize is considered the highest honor for contributions in information science and communications.

Both founders now live largely out of the public eye these but there’s no doubt that they’ve changed the world.

You may visit the Offical Adobe Site to know more about its products and services.

You can download Adobe Zii to get Adobe Apps free on your macOS.

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