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An Emulator is a software that utilizes the system hardware to run another software by creating its native environment locally on your computer.

Playing video games has got to be one of the most diverse hobbies.

I consider myself a game collector.

I have every physical copy of every game I’ve ever bought.


I’ve come to find that even with an extensive library I still go back all the time and replay my old games even the ones that never made it onto my preferred gaming platform.

Well, it’s quite simply a little thing called Emulation.

Video Game Emulator

It is not like pirating games.

It’s not piracy.

How is this legal?

Why Emulators are even allowed to exist?

Well, let me explain, emulate means to match or surpass, typically by imitation.

An emulation tool does just that.

An Emulator is nothing more than a program used to decrypt specific files like OS and ROMs.

However, the program does not come with these ROMs installed.

So the Emulator itself is essentially a dead program since it cannot do anything illegal like play any video game you ever wanted to from the moment you download it.

Then there is nothing illegal about downloading it.

Dolphin Emulator

Some emulators make you download BIOS updates and patches to even allow the games to be played in the first place, just to ensure its legality.

Now I know that seems sketchy but this is done.

Some companies today are heavily stuck in the past.

They don’t want anyone playing their games regardless of how long they’ve been out even if the game doesn’t make money anymore, which to me is ridiculous.

If you have an emulator you can burn an ISO from a disk that you own or download one from the internet.

Now, this is where we start to get into a gray area.

There is no right or wrong here.


See, if I want to download Nintendo which is no longer sold, morally I think it’s ok to download that game.

If they do have a copy for sale that is easy to access.

I feel better buying a copy and playing it on my preferred platform as a consumer.

That should be my choice.

If I already own the game and want to download it or burn it then I feel I’m justified.

I made that purchase so again it’s my game.

The only time I consider emulation and piracy even remotely similar is if you download an emulator for a console that’s still alive and download games for it and play through them without buying them.

There is a ton of emulation tools around, that is capable of letting you do this.

But a few do exist and this is something that I would consider stealing.

Again, all I do is purchase the game and play it on my PC instead, simple.

It’s your choice now that I’ve talked about emulation.

Let’s discuss how to do it.

I’ll try to cover as much of it as possible so it’s easy when you go to do it.

If you go to a website called the Emulator zone, you’ll find that it has almost every emulation tool.

Thus clicking on the system you want, will bring you to a page that holds a link to download the emulator.

If there is more than one emulator for that console, there are user reviews as well as five-star rating systems to try and show you which one is better at the moment.

Playstation Emulator

Now with the Dolphin Emulator which is my favorite one, all you have to do is download the program itself.

For some of the other emulators like the PlayStation 1 and 2, pcs X 1 & 2, you need to hunt down the BIOS.

That BIOS unfortunately is not always on this site but is easily found online with a simple Google search.

Don’t get too bummed though because a lot of the emulators, need to download the BIOS for them to work.

Emulator Configuration

So you’ve got the emulator, some of them are easy to set up and others have complicated interfaces.

For example, Dolphin has everything you need at the top bar config which houses a lot of the emulation-based settings.

Graphics allow you to adjust the visuals in your emulated games including framerate and resolutions and controllers.

So you can play with a keyboard, a mouse or any control you want.

However not all emulators are this simple, pcsx2 has a wonky-looking interface that also houses all of its settings in the top bar of the screen but is far less friendly.

The thing about messing with these settings is that some computers play the games better with OpenGL and others play the game better with DirectX 9, so on and so forth.

Adjusting the graphics settings can ruin the game until you close it.


Some emulators allow you to close them and open them again while the game is running and others do not.

This sucks especially when certain games run better on OpenGL and other ones run better on DirectX.

PCSX doesn’t allow profiles.

You can just switch back and forth between games but this is more intricate stuff that doesn’t need to be tampered with as much once you get everything running.

So how do you get games?

Well, if you have a physical copy of the game and a DVD reader all you have to do is burn an ISO onto your computer.

Put it in a file, open the emulator and select the folder which contains the ISO.

There you go, if you do not have the game or do not have a DVD reader, you can easily find the ROMs online.

Again I suggest making a folder with all your ROMs in it for that specific emulation program if it allows linking it to that game file.

It just pulls them from there, also if you have an Android phone there are quite a few emulators on the app store that you can use to play your old games as well.

You can do this sometimes with Apple devices but the emulators typically get removed unless you are jailbroken.

There are immense amounts of in-depth tutorials about how to set up all the emulators that exist most of them have everything you need.

It can take time to learn but trust me once you do, it opens up a whole new world.

Playing your old games again is fun but modding them with better visuals, changing the resolution to 4k or the framerate to 60fps.

There’s almost no limit depending on the emulator.

Here you can learn more about the Emulators.

You may also like to activate all your adobe products for free with AMTEmu or AMT Emulator.

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