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Here we are going to discuss the top 5 Android emulators with the best performance & graphics customization options for Windows PC or PUBG.


Here will test the top 5 Android emulators & run PUBGM for reference and on the same settings will see which of the 5 is top-performing.

This will be clear whether an emulator affects the game’s performance or not at the same time.

We will get our best android emulator too.

Android Emulators

Our test setup contains Intel i7 8700k processor, GTX 1080Ti GPU, 16 GB DDR4 RAMs & Intel optane accelerated drive for storage to get max performance without any bottlenecking.

Let us clarify another important question despite the fact, PC processor is more powerful than a mobile.

Still, games lag on gaming PC where logically a gaming PC should run mobile games with good FPS.

So going to get this answer from professional android app dev.

A game engine is designed according to hardware so that game should run optimally with that engine.

So while using an emulator, that engine can’t create an exact copy of that hardware and can’t get the performance that actual hardware can give.

Even a high-end i7 or i9 powered PC cant give the same performance that can be achieved in mobile games while using a mid to high-end mobile device.

Again game engine is designed according to mobile hardware where a game engine communicates efficiently with mobile hardware.

Whereas PC first communicates with the emulator and later on communicates with the game running on it.

So this mediation of emulator between PC and game doesn’t allow the game to run with full potential as it runs on a mobile device.

That’s the reason before Android emulators, games used to run with low FPS even on high-end PCs for PS emulators.

Android Emulators

  • MEmu Play
  • NOX Player
  • LD Player
  • BlueStacks
  • GameLoop

There is a long list of Android emulators out there but here we are just including the top 5 most used ones.

We kept the same mobile profile for all 5.

So let’s jump to PC for testing.

I’ve already downloaded & installed all 5 emulators.

MEmu Play


Let’s talk about MEmu Play first.

We already installed a game on that emulator.

Now jump into settings where CPU 4 cores are the max available and utilize 6 GB RAM.

Whereas we can also set custom settings that we will not perform for better stability.

We have standard HD 1920x1080p max resolution Max 60 FPS allowed.

Whereas the 120 FPS option was present for supported games.

We checked 120 FPS.

Reminder! we have just configured settings for emulator only & not for the game.

Now after running the game, let’s jump into game graphics settings as the emulator was set to 1080p.

So in the game, we will keep the HD setting.

Will keep Anti Aliasing OFF and will set FPS to Extreme so that we may get max possible frame.

Only a built-in FPS counter works with this emulator.

So we are turning it ON.

We are getting 55-60 stable FPS that’s a good sign The game is smooth & responsive without any performance issues.

Learn more about Memuplay.

NOX Player

NOX Player

Our next emulator is NOX Player.

Its settings contain 3 CPU profiles and custom configurations like RAM and CPU cores.

Going to set Direct X & 1080p resolution we also got up to 120 FPS option.

Let’s run the game on the same settings.

We are getting 55-60 FPS on the main menu.

Whereas on the same graphics settings image quality is blurry.

We got blurred image quality and FPS drops on NOX Player.

Learn more about NOX Player.

LD Player

LD Player

Next is LD Player and the first thing to notice is easily configurable controller support with it.

We have plenty of resolutions including ultra-wide that can be selected.

We are going to select the same CPU & RAM configuration that was used for previous emulators.

We got 120 FPS max & additional resolution settings for PUBG On the same graphics settings.

We are getting 55-60 FPS on avg.

Where image quality is blurry & setting controls according to resolution is also a time-consuming job on this emulator.

Learn more about LD PLayer.



Now going to test the most famous BlueStacks.

We can set up to 8 CPU cores but only 4 GB of RAM Music whereas can also select PC GPU.

Impressively we can select up to 240 FPS on BlueStacks on the extreme.

Image quality is avg. Whereas getting 20-55 FPS.

We are getting too many performance issues on BlueStacks.

Even frames dropped below 20 at certain points and on a few occasions getting 60 FPS.

That’s a huge disappointment.

Learn more about BlueStacks.



Lastly, we got GameLoop.

That’s mainly focused on gaming.

Settings are on Auto that we will change according to previous emulators.

I can’t find any option to unlock FPS in GameLoop so we are assuming 60 FPS max.

In the same settings, image quality is much better as compared to BlueStacks.

In extreme settings, we are getting almost stable 60 FPS while gameplay is buttery smooth without any lag.

Learn more about GameLoop Emulator.


So in this test, these results came forward.

On MEmu Play image quality is best with stable FPS and smooth gameplay and haven’t experienced any frame drop or lag with it.

On NOX Player we get a blurred image with minor frames to drop that’s most significant while ADS also experienced some lag.

LD player is difficult to configure as compared to other emulators whereas with a blurry image, frame drops & lag are also present.

There was a huge expectation with BluStacks but major frames drop and almost unplayable gameplay was disappointing.

Frames can drop blow 20 and this was our worst-performing emulator.

With reasonable picture, the quality game runs with stable FPS on GameLoop.

Movements and actions to perform is buttery smooth and its very easy to configure controls on any resolution

So that’s clear mobile game performance differs from emulator to emulator.

In our test best emulator is 1st GameLoop which gave the best visuals & smooth gameplay.

2nd MEmu Play again gives us clear visuals with stable frames.

3rd NOX Player.

4th LD player.

Whereas 5th BlueStack is the worst performing emulator.

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