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An integrated development environment or IDE is a code editor application with text formatting applications integrated for software construction.

Integrated Development Environment | IDE

Now let’s dig into the integrated development environment.

Why do we even care, I mean what does it matter that we’re using something like this, well here’s the best analogy.

What do you use to write a term paper?

Think for a second.

The last time you had to write a paper what did you use?

Why did you use it?

Did you use it just because it’s there?

Did you use it for some specific reason?

Would you have written your paper in a notepad and text edit Wordpad?

Good. Would it be painful?

Probably there are reasons that we use tools that have other helper tools around them.

An integrated development environment is effectively like Microsoft Word for writing programs.

In general, an integrated development environment is going to try to take away some things that are in your cognitive load.

At that moment, right so your cognitive load is all the things you could be thinking about at one moment and it is affecting how you are performing as a programmer.

So if you are concentrating on, okay do I have all of my curly braces right?

That is good to do certainly but if you hit play at the end if you go to a terminal and you run it and it’s broken.

Well, now you have to go back and try and figure out where your problem was.

You’re not thinking about the solution, you’re not thinking about the problem you’re trying to solve but if an IDE can say you that is not gonna work and it gives you the red line.

Like we’re now programmed to know, that’s what that means.

There’s a problem you go fix it.

Also, it’ll do things like code completion so you don’t misspell something along the way again.

It’s taking away some of that burden then also if you can do all of your compilation and run and debugging and testing and import libraries and everything inside one program.

That’s the reason we want to do this.

Integrated Development Environment Features


Supported languages: Different IDEs are available for different programming languages.

Supported operating systems:

  • Cloud-based IDEs
  • Android IDEs
  • iOS IDEs

Automation: Key Automation features of an IDE:

  • Text editor
  • Build automation
  • Debugger

Add-ons, plugins, and extensions: Ability of IDEs to customize for developer’s preferences and choice.

IDEs are nice. They are meant to help you.

The first IDE was developed for the basic programming language.

The reason it was called an integrated development environment at the time, it was everything.

It was a monitor keyboard system programming software, it was like you know, you bought the package so that’s why it was an integrated development environment.

The term still works now because now we’re just integrating tools, not the monitor but that’s how we got around to the naming.

If you search for the most used IDEs you tend to see right now that the two most used are Eclipse and visual studio for obvious reasons.

There’s tons of Windows development going on.

Visual Studio is a very mature product that does a ton of cool stuff and Eclipse is kind of your Swiss army knife for basically everything.

There’s a plug-in for Eclipse that does anything.

Other IDEs you might have used like XCode or Netbeans or anything from Jetbrains which are things like Pycharm and you know I have different feelings about all of them.

I think XCode is a gorgeous piece of software.

It’s something you open up and you just want to sit down in a coffee house with a big old cappuccino and put on a beret.

I will now make the most amazing social media post while then creating a breakthrough mobile.

And then 10 minutes later you want to throw a book across the room because you didn’t know you were supposed to drop seven menu levels down just to change one XML file option so that your program will run.

I have strong feelings about its beautiful program frustrating at times the Pycharmp product or the Jetbrains products are interesting because they all look the same.

They just use a different language so those are fun to play with and you can get them for free with your student license.

Now picking up a new IDE typically isn’t a problem for developers once you’ve learned how they kind of work you can work your way into it.

You might get grumpy if it doesn’t have dark mode immediately but typically they can be customized and you’ll be good to go.

Components of an Integrated Development Environment


An IDE consists of:

Source code editor: It is a code writing software with features like syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and checking for errors.

Build automation: It automates repeatable tasks in a local build by compiling source code into binary code.

Debugger: It is a program for testing other programs and their source codes.

Disadvantages of Integrated Development Environment

  • Too complex for beginner programmers.
  • All IDEs have different GUI navigation that needs to be learned.
  • IDEs do not fix errors without coding knowledge.

Read more about Integrated Development Environment.

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What do you mean by integrated development environment IDE?

An integrated development environment is open-source software that integrates commonly used software development tools into a user-friendly GUI.

What is the function of integrated development environment IDE?

It assists programmers in writing a computer or web software. IDEs do many functions like editing source code, creating executable files, and debugging the setup files.

What are the basic things an IDE includes?

IDE includes:

  • Text editor
  • Debugger
  • Compiler

Code completion tools

Is SDK an example of IDE?

SDK is short for Software Development Kit. SDK is a full kit of software development tools for a particular programming platform.

SDK Includes:

  • IDEs
  • APIs
  • Documentation
  • Libraries

What are examples of IDEs?

  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Netbeans
  • Visual Studio

What is the difference between IDE and framework?

An IDE is a toolset that is used to write and compile the source code. A framework is a software component that can be integrated into any programming project to save time for recreating those pieces of code.

Which IDE is better for Python?

PyCharm. It directly supports Python development. It is an opensource IDE. It comes as a free and paid tool. Pycharms supports Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. installs quickly and easily on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.

Which IDE is best for Python beginners?

  • Sublime Text
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Vim
  • Atom
  • PyCharm
  • Spyder
  • Thonny

What is the difference between an SDK and an API?

SDK is used to create applications that need to communicate with other applications.

An API is an interface for a specific service, and an SDK is a toolset for software development on a specific platform.

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An integrated development environment is utility software for building other software. IDEs integrate commonly used developer tools into a single GUI.

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