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Here we are going to discuss how you can get your educational license for Autodesk Maya for free.

Yes, you heard it right!

If you’re a teacher or a student who is learning or teaching 3D modeling or animation, architectural visualization, or visual effects in Maya.

You don’t need to pay or use a pirated version of this software anymore.

Autodesk itself provides you with a free educational license for using Maya, valid for a term of 3 years (now, 1 year, but renewable).

This means you can use this free license to learn or teach Maya for a term of 3 years (now, 1 year, but renewable) without any objection.

Autodesk Maya

Maya Autodesk Free Activation

So, let’s how you can get an educational license for Autodesk Maya.

First, you’ve to open Google on your web browser.

Just type in there: Autodesk Student Version Right-click on the very first site that appears in the results, and click on “Open link in new tab”.

Autodesk has made that section of the website, especially for the students like you.

Autodesk provides you with a lot of software under an educational license.

All we’ve to do is click on the box labeled there as “Maya” because we need Maya now.

If you want to get an educational license for Maya, you need to have an account on Autodesk’s website.

If you have one, you can click on “Sign in” or, you need to create an account in case you don’t have one.

Click on “Create Account”.

Autodesk Maya Activation

First, you need to select our country there, and then your Educational Role, and then the type of Institution you study or teach in.

You may select anything close to where you study.

Select your “Date of Birth” and click on “Next”.

You’ve to enter your first name and last name.

You’ve to enter your email.

Make sure you enter a valid email ID there because the license info is sent on this email.

So, if you enter a fake email, you’ll be the one to be at a loss.

Enter a password here because that must fulfill all the criteria.

Click on the box to agree to the terms and filly, click on “Create Account”.

It will prompt you for “Verification Required”.

As you sign up and create your account, your email address will be verified.

A link will be sent to your email address where you’ve to click to verify your Autodesk account.

You need to open that up and click on “Verify Email”.

It opens in a new tab and this will verify my Autodesk account.

It will show you “Account Verified”.

Just click on “Done”.

There, you need to enter the name of your Institution.

If it’s found there in the list then it’s alright, otherwise, you may need to add it to the database.

Still, you can move forward to selecting “Area of Study”.

Now, choose your enrollment date if you’ve one.

Otherwise, just fill up anything appropriate.

Click on “Next”.

Sometimes shows that the name of the Educational Institution doesn’t exist in their database.

In that case, you can click on “Add it to our Records?”

Click on “Next”.

Click again on “Add it to our Records”.

Now enter your Institution details there.

Enter the name of your Institution.

Select your Institution type.

Enter the name of the city here where your Institution is located, and then the State.

Click on “Add”.

Don’t worry about the red highlight, just click on “Next”.

As it was added successfully, it should move forward now.

Now, you can click on “Continue”.

You should Welcome back message.

You can choose the version of Maya you’d like to work in, for example, Maya 2020 – or the latest version.

You can select your operating system that is running on your computer or laptop then Language.

It may show that there will be a delay in sending the license due to some unknown issue.

Nothing to worry about.

You’ll receive our license later on.

Keep checking your email.

However, you can continue with downloading the software until then.

Autodesk Maya

When the download is finished, you can click on this directly to open it or click on “Show in folder”.

Double-click on the setup files to run it.

This file downloads another “Download Manager” that will download Maya 2020 for you.

Note: It’s not Maya that is downloading now.

It’s just a Download Manager which is going to download Maya for us on our computer.

The download speed will depend on the speed of your Internet connection.

Here, click on “I Agree” and then on “Install”.

You can choose the download location there which is “C drive” by default.

Once done, you can click on “OK”.

It will require 4GB of free space on your drive to download

An option to pause all downloads is also available there.

In case, there is a problem with your Internet, you can pause your download here and resume it later.

This download manager is made for downloading multiple software from Autodesk.

So, there is a separate Pause button for every specific download.

This is usually downloaded in C Drive.

Go to >> My Computer (This PC) >> C Drive >> Autodesk

Click on “Yes” to allow Maya’s set up to run because it was already executed by itself.

Now, open this folder “Autodesk_Maya_2020_ML_Windows_64bit_dlm”.

You’re required to run this “Setup” file to install Maya manually.

Right-clicking on this “Setup” file and click on “Run as administrator.

There, you can select your language, we mostly choose “English”.

You need to click on this box to agree to the terms.

Only then this “Next” button should become enabled, on which you need to click

Here, you can select the drive where you want to install Maya, but by default, this is set to C drive which is best for that.

Click on “Next.

Select additional components to be installed with Maya.

These are plugins – Arnold, Bifrost, and Substance.

The substance is for shading and texturing.

Bifrost is for simulations like fire, water, snow, etc.

Arnold is for shading, lighting, and rendering purposes.

Keep all three of them checked because you’re going to need them in Maya.

Initially, these plugins came separately and cost extra bucks but now they come bundled with Maya for no extra cost.

Click on “Install” It may take some time to install.

So, you’d have to wait until then.

If you’re installing on an SSD, you’re going to experience a faster installation than a traditional Hard Drive where installation may take about half an hour.

Wait for it to complete.

Now, all we’ve to do is click on this “Start” button.

Maya will start and what you are going to see at first is the Licensing Window.

You have to choose your license type: Single-user or Multi-user.

Select Multi-user when you want to install and register Maya on more than one computer like in an institution.

But as most of us will be Single-user for Maya, you’ve to click on the “Single-user” option there.

Now, you would have to sign in using our registered email.

Educational / Student License is completely free.

You don’t need to pay anything for this.

You need to log in there using the details that you already had used during the Sign Up process.

Like, the email.

Click on “Next” once entered.

Enter the password and click on “Sign In.


Here, you may need to enter even more info like the “Serial No.”.

You can click on “Already have a license?” because we have a license.

You can click on “Subscribe Now” when you want to purchase it for commercial use.

You also don’t need to click on “Start a Trial” as it will stop working after 30 days.

As you don’t want to start a trial or want any subscription now, so, all we’ve to do is click on “Already have a License?”

You need to click there on “enter a serial number”.

You’ve to click on “I Agree” on the Privacy Statement window.

There, it shows “30 Days Remaining” because it’s currently running in the trial.

And so you need to click here on “Activate”.

There is the field to enter the serial number that you had received previously in your email.

Enter that serial number now.

Don’t copy this or any other serial number for your use.

Create your account and use the serial number you receive.

Each serial number is valid for use up to two computers for a term of 3 years.

Your serial number is safe in your mailbox, and you can print it out anytime if required to present.

Once the serial number and product key have been entered, you can click on “Next” to activate.

An active internet connection is required for the activation of Maya.

Look, it has been successfully activated.

Now, click on “Finish” Now, Maya will start.

It has been successfully registered under “Educational Stand-alone License” as it shows.

Alright, Maya has started.

It takes some time to load.

Plugins are being loaded in the background.

So, as Maya starts, always wait for at least 1-2 minutes before you click on anything.

Here, just uncheck the “Show this at startup” box and click on “OK” to continue.

Take a look there.

It should show “Student Version” on the title bar.

This is proof that Autodesk Maya has been successfully registered under the Educational License.

There is also this “Explore Purchase Options” in case you need to consider purchasing Maya for commercial use.

You don’t need to sign out if you’re using Maya on your personal computer.

It takes almost one day to receive this license.

So, when you’ll register for a license, you may need to wait for a day to receive it.

You’ll have to have little patience for that.

So, in this way, we can get our free student license for Maya from the official website of Autodesk.

We also learned how to download Maya, install, and activate it using our license.

In this way, we get a license for free that is valid for a term of up to 3 years (now, 1 year, but renewable) from its date of registration.

This 3-year / 1-year term begins from the date when you’ve received the license in your email.

No matter where you install Maya and use that license to activate it or not.

So, make use of your license wisely as it is rare to get paid things for free.

You can learn more about Autodesk Maya here.

You can also download the May with30-days free trial here.

You may also like to activate Adobe Products for free.

Here you can download AMTEmu Universal Adobe Patcher.

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